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Ongoing Projects

    The Company has provided continuing asset management and monetization services to airlines, aircraft owners, lessors, trusts, and secured lenders for over 115 aircraft including 777, 767, 747, 737, 727, A320, A330, MD80, DC9, L1011 and F28, as well as for numerous spare engines, including CF6, RB211, JT9, CFM and JT8. Aircraft and engines were either in current revenue service, subject to existing leases, or parked / in storage. In accordance with its' contractual obligations, LAM managed all phases of projects from initial inspection and assessment, through repositioning flights, storage, insurance, security, refurbishment, freighter conversion, to arranging and negotiating sales and leases.

    Airlines rely on LAM to manage aircraft acquisitions and dispositions on an outsourced basis to free up valuable human, technical and financial resources needed in their core business.

    Aircraft owners, including lessors, trusts, and secured lenders trust LAM to manage and monetize aviation assets including aircraft, engines, parts inventories, and legal claims to preserve and recover the maximum value from their aviation investments.

    As Aviation Advisor to several large US-based private equity funds, LAM has been responsible for the asset management of 5 x 777s, 3 x 767s, 5 x 747Fs, 5 x A320s, 3 x A332s, 6 x A333s, and 4 x 738s. 4 x 777s and 5 x 747Fs have been remarketed by outright sales to new airline operators.  3 x 332s, 5 x A320s, 5 x 738s, and 3 x 767s have been sold to new investors, subject to the governing operating leases. 6 x A333s, and 1 x 777-300ER are currently subject to existing operating leases. The technical status of all managed airframes and engines are actively monitored. Electronic copies of all technical documentation remain available for online inspection by all interested and authorized parties. 

    As Trust Manager for the Kitty Hawk Collateral Liquidating Trust, and as Aviation Advisor to the Collateral Trustee, LAM has been responsible for the management and monetization of 29 freighter aircraft, including 9 x 747s, 8 x L1011s, 12 x 727s, plus 46 spare engines formerly operated by Kitty Hawk International (previously known as American International) and Kitty Hawk Air Cargo. Prompted by the changing economic environment from 2000 through 2010 and the influence of the Asian Currency Crisis, the fallout from the tragic events of 9/11, the second iteration of the Gulf War, and the financial crisis following the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, various strategies were employed by LAM to maximize returns for the beneficiaries of the Trust. All of the revenue potential of the aircraft and engines has now been fully realized and the Trust will be wound up pending a final distribution to the beneficiaries.

    As Individual Trustee for the Eastern Secured Liquidating Trust, LAM has been responsible for the management and monetization of 27 aircraft, including DC9s and 727s, and 21 spare engines, as well as the collection of legal claims against the estates of various airlines including Eastern, Midway, Pan Am, and Braniff. All of the revenue potential of the aircraft and engines has been fully realized. The Trust still holds undistributed funds for the benefit of certain parties which opted out of the settlement with Eastern Airlines.