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Kitty Hawk

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Asset Management

    • Marketing of aircraft, spare engines, and/or aircraft spare parts.

    • Sales of aircraft or engines, subject to the terms of existing operating leases, to third-party investors.

    • Repossession, deregistration, and/or repositioning of aircraft, spare engines, and/or aircraft spare parts.

    • Negotiation and documentation of sales, operating lease, wet-lease, or consignment transactions.

    • Restructuring, renegotiation, and redocumentation of existing operating leases and/or supporting loans and mortgages.

    • "Back-leveraging" of existing aircraft or engine operating leases to monetize equity.

    • Management and compliance monitoring of existing operating leases including: physical inspections, technical records audits, appraisals, return conditions, current maintenance status, AD and SB status.