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 A330 (3)


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Kitty Hawk

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Managed A330 Aircraft:

MSN Registration Number Aircraft Model Datasheet Status
1477 9V-STZ A330-343E N/A Leased
1453 9V-STY A330-343E Download PDF For Sale/Lease
1427 9V-STV A330-343E Download PDF For Sale/Lease
1401 9V-STU A330-343E Download PDF For Sale/Lease
1124 B-LNU A330-343E N/A Leased
1107 B-LNT A330-343E N/A Leased
932 TC-JIN A330-202E N/A Sold
901 TC-JIM A330-202E N/A Sold
882 TC-JIL A330-202E N/A Sold

Langdon Asset Management, Inc. makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of these data, or as to the fitness of the aircraft for any purpose, and recommends that interested parties conduct a complete inspection of the aircraft, engines and technical records to independently assess the above-referenced equipment.